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Project name: SLEW

Description of the project: The project called "Smart Learning Environment without Walls" aims at developing a smart learning environment (accessible through a Web Platform) based on Didactical Scenarios accessible across a urban area. These Didactical Scenarios are supported by contents and services managed by a Knowledge Management platform. Access to contents, via mobile devices, is enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Natural Interaction technologies.

Student will face, for instance, with geometrical problem in front of a palace, with a physics problem of dynamic in front of a fountain, a bridge as a place's inclination well in order to respond to associated questions the students have accepted to oversee on their mobile tool.

All the activities carried out are traced on the Web Platform and evaluable by the teacher tutoring the student.

Each scenario, aiming to enrich user’s experience, is transferable on all cities belonging to the European network that characterizes this project. The scenario is transferable and adaptable to the new geophysical place any teacher wants to take into consideration. It will be possible to drag and drop an existing scenario on the Platform from a city to another and manually insert the data of the pedagogical situation of interest for a specific learning subject and according to the scholar level. A teacher might be interested in making calculate the slip time of a ball according to the slope grade of a given bridge. If this scenario has been implemented for the Pont Neuf in Paris, it could be moved into the “Ponte di Mezzo” in Florence, in that of the “Sospiri” in Venice and so on. Art, history, science, biology, social politics are all disciplines that will lend themselves to the elaboration of interesting didactic scenarios for the European Community.

The role of industry in this type of project will develop and pre commercialize various collections of pedagogical scenarios according to the academic curricula the European partners adopt.

Starting from an existing Knowledge Management Platform with a natural interaction interface developed at CRS4, the project aims at the integration of different innovative technologies for situated learning scenarios interoperable at a European level. Augmented reality and Internet of Things will offer great advantages to this project and in the meanwhile teachers and experts into educational technologies will be able to evaluate the impact of this new approach into the learning process thanks to the assessment of users by exploiting the analytics principles. Reuse and distribution of interactive educational contents will benefit of structured data and big data. Partners involved in the development, and many others, will take advantage of these important strategies for the future of this kind of educational paradigm.

Partner sought: 

  • Required skills and Expertise: 
      1. Developing and implementing Augmented Reality techniques.
      2. Semantic web and ontologies
      3. Data mining
      4. Augmented Reality user interfaces
      5. Development for embedded (mobile) systems
      6. For all: act in accordance with the objectives of the research project and conform to highest standards of ethics.
  • Type of partner(s) sought: 
      1. Academia/R&D company 
      2. Cultural company
      3. R&D company
      4. European high schools
Contact: http://www.ideal-ist.eu/ps-it-93939

Publicado por europa en febrero 24, 2015