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Innovation. Italy

Title: Small Italian company in the furniture sector is looking for technical expertise and know-how in plastic materials

Description of the Project:        

An Italian company in the furnishing and manufacturing industry intends to expand its production by collaborating with a R&D centre or a manufacturer with expertise in developing innovative, eco-sustainable, versatile products in plastic.                

The final goal is to set a technical cooperation agreement in which the partner should be able to offer highly innovative and performing plastic solutions with low environmental impact. Such competence may be combined with the high skills in customised and innovative design processes of the Italian company to develop a new and improved plastic production line, with eco-sustainable characteristics. In addition, a manufacturing agreement with the partner can also be established aimed at producing components/products for which specific know how and skills are required.

The international collaboration may help the Italian company to further broaden its international focus and have the opportunity to enter in a new market area with a more consolidated and structured presence through the agreement with a local partner.

Partner Sought:              

The ideal partner is a research centre with specialisation in plastics processes and production and/or a manufacturer with specialisation in plastic furniture material. An agreement can be signed for a technical cooperation where the know-how of the Italian company in customised design is combined with expertise in plastic material of the foreign partner to improve the actual production of plastic furniture and develop a new high-performing and eco-sustainable line of products. Moreover, a manufacturing agreement will be considered too for the production of components and products requiring specific expertise and skills.

Deadline: Non specified

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en octubre 9, 2018