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Innovation. Netherlands

Title: Dutch postal company is interested in additional products or services that can be added during their mail route

Description of the project: A Dutch postal company, dealing with mostly business mail is interested in new additional services or products that can be added and carried out during the delivery route

Project objectives:

The company is interested in new business models to be added to their portfolio and network within their current possibilities of delivery services.

Companies or service providers that require a fine network and regular contact in the field are urged to come forward with their proposals or business ideas to pitch their product or business concepts.

The company is interested in a long term strategic relation in a services agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance that includes exclusivity within the Netherlands.

- Specific area of activity of the partner;

The activity of the partner should lie in software applications, tech, smart devices, data mining, consumer goods or products and services that can be delivered using a dense network of deliverers and their supply chain. Products or services that contribute to a lower carbon footprint are also of interest.

- Tasks to be performed;

The company expect the partner to be open to discuss business concepts or ideas on readiness and acceptance for the Dutch market. This would include business modelling, shared services, data mining, sharing of knowledge.

Partner sought:

The company is interested in meeting new innovative businesses (SMEs or Universities) that require an existing, efficient and dense network to deliver their services or products. Also existing businesses that would like to extend their services to the Dutch market are welcome. Products or services that require data gathering or monitoring in the field using mobile held devices are urged to reply.





Publicado por europa en abril 16, 2018