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Description of the project

The widespread use of cloud services created a host of privacy issues for consumers. These include loss of privacy for data stored on user devices, uncontrolled transfer of mobile device sensor outputs (such as location data)  to cloud service providers, loss of control over user data stored at service provider databases, and loss of control over user data consumed and stored by public administration bodies. In addition, users giving up their private data in exchange for use of “free” cloud services do not participate in monetization of the data and are excluded from the economic benefit derived from the data by the service providers.

Defined by a group of world class information security experts, the proposed project will create a comprehensive framework for a simple to manage, user friendly, comprehensive enforcement of privacy in this complex environment

Partner profile sought:

-         server side programming

-         client side programming

-         mobile app programming

-         rights management

-         open API design

-         open API use

-         open SSL use

-         user interface/user experience design

-         consortium coordination

 Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Following collaborative fine-tuning of the concept and creation of top level implementation design, the consortium will design a reference implementation of the privacy service based on the framework, with a significant subset of all the possible features. This will include implementation of a mobile client agent and server parts of the online privacy service, with a strong emphasis on simplicity and convenience of user experience. The work will be distributed between the partners according to their respective expertise.

European Programme: Horizon 2020

Call Identifier: H2020-SECURITY-DS-2014

Closure Date: 28/08/2014

Más información

Organisation: Arteevo

Department: Management

Type of Organisation: Industry - SME

Country: Israel

More information: http://www.ideal-ist.eu/ps-il-92261

Publicado por europa en junio 10, 2014