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Title: A UK based company looking for partners to assist in the development of several projects in the Fintech, marketing and defense sectors via a joint venture agreement or License agreement

Description of the Project: A UK based company is looking for partners to assist in the development of several projects in the fintech, marketing and defense sectors. The company is interested in software development and IT consultancies in the finance/banking sectors or companies / research organisations in other sectors that can help develop and implement cloud-based architectures, through a joint venture agreement or license agreement.

Partner Sought: The following partner types and roles are sought in the context of a joint venture agreement or license agreement

A) Developers who would typically be SME’s or larger organisations with substantial experience in one or more fields including, database and front-end development, as well as experience of big data analytics either with large volumes of unstructured text data using or extracting semantic information from voice communications.

All should have experience of working preferably in the financial sector but other expertise with large amounts of customer or customer response data.

B) Users who will be potential customers or end users ideally in banks and or hedge funds capable of providing data and/or expertise,

The company is also interested in “pivoting” its position in order to work with clients who wish to investigate large volumes of customer data regarding product sales/comments/complaints in order to derive insights into customer buying habits, possible new products or amendments to existing products, and common themes to customer grievances.

Deadline: 20/11/2020

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en noviembre 25, 2019