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Inovation, Italy

The 9th of May, from 4 pm till 6 pm, Europe Direct Firenze are organizing a Dialogue Cafè, a video-conference which will connect several European cities. The issue of this video-conference will be “Digital innovation in school: comparing models and good practices”.

Local authorities and schools can participate to the Dialogue Cafè. If interested, our partnerRobertF.KennedyCenterfor Justice and Human Rights Europe will send them simple instructions in order to join the conference. The requirement are basic: internet connection and a videocam.

This initiative is included in the event “Notte Blu” which will take place in Florence, in the estate of Murate, from 8th to 10 th of May in order to celebrate the birth of European Union.

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Publicado por europa en abril 22, 2014