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Interreg Europe. Bulgaria.

Interreg Europe. Bulgaria.


Title: Model for successful inclusion of SME in the Regional Innovation System (ModSME) 

Description of the Project / Partner sought: InBulgaria, and particular in the North Central region, the institutional density of the regional innovation system (RIS) is very low and the stakeholders are with weak innovation activity. The participants in the RIS - universities, industry, public authority, research centers and business supporters perform insufficient collaborative research; have little common publications, and insignificant exchange of personnel between them. As a result, businesses have not enough opportunities for innovation, their development lags behind and the region remains with low competitiveness.

Leading organization: D.A.TsenovAcademyofEconomics,Svishtov,Bulgaria


Type of partner looking for: National, regional or local public authorities, or Institutions governed by public law (e.g. regional development agencies, business support organisations, universities)



Margarita Bogdanova 

Organisation: D.A.Tsenov Academy of Economics

Bulgaria (България), Северен централен 





Publicado por europa en abril 18, 2016