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Interreg Europe. Germany.

Interreg Europe. Germany.

Title: "SKILLS+ (Supporting knowledge capacity of ICT SME to engage in growth and innovation by improving re”

Description of the Project / Partner sought: For a cohesive regional development, it is crucial to adopt and implement policies mitigating the digital divide between urban conglomerations and rural/peripheral regions in Europe. These policies must not be limited to the provision of broadband infrastructure but must comprehend also the development of skills among entrepreneurs, local public authority officers and other key actors working in these areas. SKILLS+ aims to launch a thorough exchange of good policies in this field combined with capacity building activities for the policy-makers of the partner regions. Both activities aim to enable the project partners to develop and endorse implementation plans for their regions fostering ICT skills.

Partners involved: Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt (Lead Partner) - NO further partners searched

Main policy instruments addressed: The project addresses public policies on national, regional and sub-regional levels, including EU (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD), aiming at promoting ICT skills in rural areas.

Type of partner looking for: We are searching for project partners from any programme country who are responsible for the drafting and implementation of policies aiming at the development of rural areas (e.g. public authorities from national, regional and sub-regional levels and their controlled entities).


Frank Trepte

Core-consult GmbH & Co KG

Germany (Deutschland), Sachsen-Anhalt


Publicado por europa en abril 27, 2016