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Interreg Europe. Ireland.

Interreg Europe. Ireland.

Title: "Adventure Tourism for Rural SME growth”

Description of the Project / Partner sought: Support to SMEs in the growing Adventure Tourism sector to develop a more coherent and professional offering while growing market share.

Description/Issue addressed:

1 Isolation of Adventure Tourism SMEs means that they have (currently) a limited peer support network to support business development opportunities, or to support the collective growth of the sector.

2. A marketplace perception that the location in which they do business may impinge on accessibility or that there is a perception that they cannot effectively compete, in quality or competency, with similar businesses nearer to large urban hubs (principally Dublin).

Partners involved

Sligo LEADER Partnership

Adventure Sligo Network


Type of partner looking for

- Tourism Networks

- LAGs

- NGOs

- Municipal Authorities

Shona Heffernan

Sligo LEADER Partnership

Ireland (Éire), Border, Midland and Western

+353 71 9141138


Publicado por europa en abril 27, 2016