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Investigation. Italy

Title: An italian creative hand-craft laboratory that produces handmade jewels is seeking for experts in plastic materials.

Description of the Project:

An italian hand-craft laboratory, founded by two creative designers, that produces handmade jewels (mostly necklaces, earrings and bracelets), made by recovery polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is seeking for technicians or experts in processing PET or plastic materials structurally comparable to PET, for a technical cooperation agreement or service agreement.      

The PET is a transparent thermoplastic material, whose peculiarities have intensified its distribution and consolidated its use in the daily life, producing a significant impact on the environment during production and disposal. However, thanks to its structural characteristics, PET appears to be the most suitable material to be heat treated through non-industrial procedures to be recycled and reinvented.

The laboratory basic idea is to use an existing material, widely diffused, which, at the end of its functional cycle, can be recovered, transformed, remodeled and retrained. The jewels are created as a transfiguration of the essence of this "common" material, which is deprived of its primary meaning, reinterpreted and associated with a new use and a new life following the circular economy principles.

Partner Sought:              

The hand-crafted laboratory is looking for:

- innovative solutions for the processing of PET;

- solutions that speed up the cutting and forming operations of the PET (or similar plastic materials) to produce precise shapes with simple and linear cuttings;

- advance solutions for the cleaning process of the materials used.

The hand-craft laboratory is looking for technical cooperation or service agreement with technicians experienced in the processing of polyethylene terephthalate and in cutting and forming plastic materials structurally comparable to polyethylene terephthalate.

The laboratory is also looking for chemical experts for the cleaning process of this material.

Deadline: Non specified

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en septiembre 26, 2018