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Investigation. UK.

Title: Datasets on ventricular arrhythmia

Description of the Project:

A UK software company has developed a prototype algorithm that predicts sudden cardiac arrest. They seek further healthcare providers with datasets from critical care patients experiencing ventricular arrhythmias. The company is seeking hospitals or SMEs that have collected data from critical care patients experiencing ventricular arrhythmias. This will form a cooperative relationship. The purpose of this study is to collect additional data that will allow for improvement of the algorithm’s performance.

This study is part of an international study. Each study site that contributes data included in a study will have researchers serve as co-authors for that study, and will review and approve each manuscript prior to submission for publication. The UK company will take responsibility for the initial drafting of manuscripts for publications. At the conclusion of all sites’ data collection, they will prepare and submit a manuscript for publication describing algorithm performance based on all data collected from all sites.

They will also make the software product available in all its potential forms for use to the collaborator for a number of years. So the initial research co-operation may extend to a technical one as in joint testing and market launch.

Partner Sought:

Type of partner sought: hospitals, academia, industry.

Specific activity of partner sought: organisations with access to data from critical care patients.

Role of partner sought: a partner is sought to share the patient data. They are welcome to participate in research, to focus and improve the clinical value produced with the UK company’s AI algorithm.

Deadline: Non specified


GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en octubre 9, 2018