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Justice. Italy

Associazione Telefono Donna (Milan, Lombardy Region - Italy) is looking for partners in Europe for their project the invisible risk acting for prevention in nightlife and recreational settings in order to participate to the Call for proposals JUST/2014/JDRUG/AG/DRUG - Action grants to support transnational projects in the area of EU drugs policy. 

Objective: Prevent the entry of people into potential circuits of addiction, through a massive action in contacting the largest number of potential psychoactive drugs consumers, even early adolescent, in their contexts of entertainment and in the various meeting points of aggregation and fun, characterized by situations of "risk”.

Phase 1: Identification of best practices existing in Participants Countries and assessment of a common methodological approach.
Phase 2: Action-research. Contacts in nightlife and recreational settings with people aged 14 - 35 in order to provide information, to increase awareness on risks related to psychoactive drugs use, to take distance from peers at risk and to collect data. In addition, guidance and support is provided to local services and communities through the start up of a permanent direct line and a desk service aimed at supporting consumers and giving information.
A particular attention will be given to:
-    gender aggressive behaviour and violence
-    migrants.
Phase 3: Development of proposals for new policies and services basing on data emerged during Action-research (seminars and focus groups).

Through the action-research methodology, data will be collected about trends of the use and abuse of psychoactive drugs in the nightlife and recreational settings in the involved territories; links between gender violence and use of drugs. Guidelines for policy makers will be provided.

Target: young people at risk of drugs consumption.

The project will last 24 months.

Deadline: 1st December 2014 12.00 am Brussels time

Potential partners should have:
- motivation to the objectives of the project,
- operational and professional capacities to implement the activities
- strong local network
- managerial and administrative capacities for the project management
- experience in projects funded by European Commission

Telefono Donna
c/o a.o. Niguarda Ca’ Granda
Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3
20162 Milano
email: telefonodonnaonline@libero.it
website: www.telefonodonna.it
tel. +39 0264444006 /008
contact person:
mrs. Alessandra Marinoni: ale.marinoni@gmail.com

Publicado por europa en noviembre 25, 2014