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Justice. Italy.

Title: “Comune di Collegno”


Description of the project/Partner sought:

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.Italy(REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2016)

Comune di Collegno (CollegnoMunicipality,Turin–Italy) would like to join a European strategic partnership applying to the REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2016 call (deadline21/03/17). The beneficiaries of the project should be Roma communities, whose welfare and integration are one of the main priorities of the call.

Collegno is a town situated on a wide floodplain at the edge of Val di Susa, not far from the Alps (Piedmont,North WestItaly). A part of the broad institutional structure of the Metropolitan City of Turin, its territory counts seven neighborhoods and a rural village and hosts about 50,000 inhabitants (49.674 by 31.12.2016). The urbanized and today most densely inhabited areas were built in the 1950's-'60s, alongside the so called Corso Francia. At present, there is no break in continuity between Collegno and the near territory of the city ofTurin, to which it is connected by road, railway and underground transportation.

For Collegno the greatest challenge is overcoming the “gypsy trailer park” approach and fostering a full housing, educational and working integration for the settled Roma. By doing so, the economic burden of the services currently provided would decrease and cultural stereotypes, deeply rooted in both Roma and Italians, may be effectively countered. Such stereotypes, in fact, heavily influence and limit policy-making schemes.

Collegno Municipality agrees and identifies itself with the goals of the program, particularly with the ideal of “fighting segregation in education, and promoting the  empowerment  of Roma youth and their active involvement in the process of Roma integration, including through the capacity building of civil society ctive at the local level”.

Collegno Municipality would like to join a European Partnership applying for this call in order to:

  • introduce and provide concrete examples of inclusive practices considering both the long-standing experiences of its local network of operators and the implemented or ongoing experimentations;
  • employ ideas, tools and resources to promote the government’s strategic focus;
  • find out, experiment and test new forms of intervention.

For projects applying to this call, the areas Collegno could more readily and suitably intervene are:

  • training of professionals: involving all the internal staff of the municipality (social services, civil registries, urban police), teachers and educators, socio-sanitary operators of the local network;
  • mutual learning, exchange of good practices and cooperation (including the identification of best practices transferable to other participating countries) in relation to the fields of education and professional placement, entrepreneurship (also small- businesses), development and improvement of the Roma woman figure, especially addressed to young women.




Alberto Lasso

Francesco Ferrari ÉFA

Équipe Formatori Associati Consultants

+39 3494506462


Publicado por europa en marzo 1, 2017