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Justice. Italy

Call: Call JUST/2014/RCHI/AG/PROF: Action grants to promote and protect the rights of the child by supporting transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and judicial professionals representing children in judicial proceedings

Title: Ri-impara
Leader: Municipality of Vercelli – Social Policies
Area: Child protection
Overall objective: The project aims at supporting capacity building for legal, social, health workers and the policy representing children in judicial proceedings.
1)Specific objectives; To increase multidisciplinary capacity building for professionals working in North Piedmont Area (Vercelli, Biella, Novara e Verbano -Cusio -Ossola)
2)To create an innovative training system

1) Mapping of existing local needs
2)Training modules for legal, social, health workers and policy
3)Creation of network
4)Development and testing of  innovative training module

Beneficiaries: Children and families involved in judicial proceedings

Target group: Legal, social, health workers and policy

Expected  results:
1) Increase of capacity building for professionals on the rights and needs of children of different age groups in administrative, criminal and civil judicial proceeding;
2)Improvement of benefits and impacts for target group and children, especially disadvantaged group or children victims of crime and violence;
3)Promotion of good practices

Outputs; Workshops, training materials, guidelines, brochures..
-Interdisciplinary training through a previous analysis of the needs of professionals working  in child protection system;
-Legal, social and health wokers, policy working with or representing children in judicial proceeding, will receive an innovative training system with the aim of creating a consolidated network.

European added value: Developement of innovative training system available and easily adaptable in all EU member States.

Deadline for submitting proposal: 15/01/2015 

Contacts: Municipality of Vercelli

Ufficio Europa

Mail: alessandra.bellardone@comune.vercelli.it

Social Policies

Mail: progettisociali@comune.vercelli.it

Partners: Social services, training institution, Ngos working with children, Universities 

Publicado por europa en noviembre 17, 2014