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Justice. Italy

Project Name: Children Protection

Programme: We want to develop this programme in Just/2014/RCHI/AG/PROF Programme Justice 2014-2020

Deadline: 11 December

Project Promoter: Câmara Municipal de Chamusca

The project promoter is  the Municipality of Chamusca. This county has 746 Km2, with 10.120 inhabitants, 1.611 of which are children aged between zero and 19 years old. The Municipality of Chamusca has to ensure the functioning of the Commission for Protection of Children and Youth at Risk in Chamusca (CPCJ). This commission is an official, not judicial institution constituted by an (1) expanded commission, dedicated to the development of actions to promote children´s rights and prevent danger situations, and is also a (2) restricted commission, empowered to intervene in specific situations in which the child or young person is in danger, specifically related to security, health, education and training. About one hundred children have annual protection and promotion processes and are accompanied by professionals.

- Identify and share the best practices used to promote children and youth rights;
- Develop the skills of professionals who intervene in these processes;
- Standardize procedures of professional interventions in situations of mistreatment, abuse, and danger;

Target groups:
- Professionals of health, education, social action, and police

Expected results: 
- Elaboration of a best practices international guidebook on promoting and protecting children and youth rights;
- Empower professionals in the  promoting and protection of children and youth;
- Improve the intervention (ensure the children’s superior interest, early and minimal intervention, privacy)

Work Plan:
- Project duration  – 2 years

Work meetings to:
- identify legislation and work methodology among the partners who work on children and youth rights;
- identify the best practices used by the partners;
- identify in literature results of research about this practices;
- Identify and visit similar institutions regarding children and youth rights protection;
- Elaboration of a best practices guidebook;
- Promote seminars based on best practices to train professionals.

Type of partners: public authorities; NGO’s; Universities

Municipality of Chamusca - Câmara Municipal de Chamusca
- cm.chamusca@mail.telepac.pt
- 0351 249 769 100
Commission for Protection of Children and Youth at Risk of Chamusca - Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens de Chamusca
- cpcj.chamusca@mail.telepac.pt
- 0351 249 796 600 

Publicado por europa en noviembre 25, 2014