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LIFE. Spain.

Title: “SmartRain: Smart and eco-efficient rainwater harvesting system against urban scarcity water”.

Description of the project: The SmartRAIN system will be implemented in Barcelona and Santander which are representative cities of the two different climatic regions in Europe: Mediterranean (Barcelona) and Oceanic (Santander). Another important reason of these sites is that they are representatives of another potential markets. For example an hotel can be considered like a little urbanization neighbourhood, while the Santander Campus, with gardens and restaurants can be considered, as a model, close to a mall or a stadium.

Partner sought: The Project was previously submitted in a LIFE call. The project passed all the evaluation criteria but was not funded. It is required a coordinator partner national or international (preferable) experienced in European projects and able to provide specific contributions to valorize the project to submit again. Portuguese partners will be well received.


Dra. Àngels Olivella Costa


Publicado por europa en noviembre 2, 2016