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Research and Innovation. Austria.

Programme: H2020-SwafS-2016-17: Training on open science in the european research area.

Description of the Project:

Actions proposed must be aimed at training stakeholders with a view to permitting them and/or their organisations to fully implement the practical aspects of open science. Stakeholders include academic staff (train the trainers approach), in particular young scientist during under- and postgraduate training, but also policy-makers and staff working in funding bodies.

The training actions proposed must be relevant for the specific scientific field, practical, engaging, and outcome-oriented .and aiming at linking up with other already existing training initiatives. They should reach the greatest number of stakeholders possible including those Horizon 2020 projects that do not participate in the Horizon 2020 Pilot on open access to data.

Online didactic material or training tool kits made available free of charge/open access for re-use must be developed and linked with existing online material.


Sabine Holasek

E-mail: sabine.holasek@bitonline.com




Publicado por europa en mayo 3, 2016