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LIFETIME is an open, collaborative teaching platform. It enables the creation and sharing of 3D digital tutors able to interact in real-time using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Empathy (AE) with end-users in a multimodal, multi-sensorial, empathic way on different devices. 3D digital teacher is responsive and adaptive: He/she can diagnose end users’ different situations of disability, origins, needs and peculiarities in real-time.


LIFETIME platform allows creation and delivering on different channels of training based on highly interactive 3D personas. Personas are able to emotionally communicate through main 5 senses, to dialog with audience, convey contents and emotions. 3D persona can convey: text, audio, video, and other multimodal and multi-sensorial content, including capturing external stimuli (as: voice/audio, gestures, smells, visual images, etc.).

3D personas are available for every device: from PC to Console, mobile devices and holographic projectors, virtual environments/virtual worlds to real-life learning situations (in-house installation with sensors).

The main LIFETIME features are:

  • Adaptive: Able to react to different needs; Adaptive and personalised learning and assessment, multimodal/-sensory interaction technologies and advanced interfaces, networking and capacity-building
  • Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Empathy: Resulting from multidisciplinary research (neuroscience, peda/learning theories, educational psychology, AI) 
  • Academics, Experts, IT developers, 3D designers can develop courses: Formal and informal learning, including workplace
  • Multi-modal and multi-sensorial tutor: Innovative technologies, standards, adaptation to learning scenarios, multi-sensorial input and ability to prioritize inputs
  • One platform for different user needs: Develop and integrate innovative digital educational tools, solutions and services
  • Real-time Interactive teachers/tutors: Support engagement for teachers, learners and parents
  • Multiplatform and multi-device access:Reduce current restrictions of time and physical space in learning and teaching
  • Connection between formal, non-formal and informal learning, remove obstacles for ubiquitous learning
  • Open to medical devices to collect user medical and biomedical data: Include a specific target group on disabled in education


Main targets are:

  • People affected by learning disabilities and disorders: Dyslexia,dyscalculia,dysgraphia, dyspraxia, aphasia/dysphasia, Auditory processing disorder, Visual processing disorder.
  • Single person,communities or groups isolated for geographical, cultural reasons (immigration, detention institutes, citizens of the territory struck by a status of calamity).
  • People affected by physical disabilities or problems connected with the possibility to move and to live their life independently (Sensory Difficulties and reduced mobility)
  • Electronic Noise application/industry: the use of this sense could be fundamental for training people in some niche specialization as in first medical intervention, where the smell could be used to identify the kind of infection that a patient have


Required skills and Expertise:

  • Companies with high expertise in: AI, UX Interface, Web App & Mobile development
  • Academic experts in: Linguistic, Ontologies, Computer Vision, teaching methodologies for impair students (Speech & Language, Cognitive, Mobility, Dexterity, Hearing, Visual)
  • Infrastructures: Cloud Base Industry (re-development analysis, development, & tests), E-learning content creation: pre-development analysis, development, & tests
  • Early Adopter Educational Institution: as for example: Business School: (pre-development analysis & tests), School (medium, height), Universities & Colleges.

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:

  • Profile 1a: develop the web collaborative platform (front-end and back-end) and business logic
  • Profile 1b: develop the mobile client application
  • Profile 2: developing an intuitive user interface (front-end and back-end) able to meet user needs and restrictions
  • Profile 3: "teaching methodologies for impair students" > Schools / Institutes to design and test learning methodologies for their students
  • Profile 4: "Business School": pre-development analysis, methodologies design & tests
  • Profile 5: "AI experts": design AI for client application, and to adapt 3D persona to became 3D tutors, design input matrix for stimuli according to Profile 3,4 and targets
  • Type of partner(s) sought: 
  • Institutions having Digital Libraries (Libraries, Historical Archives, Museums)
  • Industrial end-user for user needs analysis and testing
  • Research centers
  • Business School, School (medium, height), Universities & Colleges for pre-development analysis & tests

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