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Research. Netherlands

Project Name: A Dutch based medical device multinational is looking for an alternative material or solution to a currently used Nitinol hypo tube

Project description: A Netherlands based worldwide operating medical device producer is looking for a new material, alloy or component for the replacement of Nitinol hypo tube within a catheter application.

The requested solution should be inexpensive and must meet strict medical requirements. The company is looking for a collaboration with industrial partners or research and development groups and envisions a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Partner sought: SME’s, research groups and other innovators with a focus on the production, research & development of alloys, novel materials, a combination of materials (multilayers) for medical use. And/or a combination of innovative processing steps, for example grainsize reduction.

It is expected that the partner supplies material, technology or ideas which eventually will lead to the envisioned alternative material to a currently used Nitinol hypo tube.

Deadline: unspecified


GAIN – Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en julio 10, 2018