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Research. South Korea

Title: EUREKA/Eurostars2

Description of the Project: A Korean company provides Hybrid Genomics Cloud, which is the optimal cloud computing environment for genomics service. The technology allows to create and run various genome analysis pipelines. It also contains distributed storage, which stores a large amount of genetic data efficiently. Under Eureka/Eurostar2, the company would innovate the existing technology for more applicable on genomic analysis platform with partners, such as genomic researchers or analysts.

Partner Sought: Company (NGS, Geonics domain, cloud firm), Technical Experts (Bioinformatics), Research Institutes and University Research Institute, Clinical hospital - Specific area of activity of the partner: Healthcare, NGS - Task to be performed: Partners should be involved in research institute of bioinformatics or genome clinical research, and they should perform NGS genomic analysis and intend to collaborate on development of hybrid cloud system for the analysis under research cooperation agreement. Type and Size of Partner Sought >500 >500 MNE 251-500 Inventor R&D Institution SME <10 SME 11-50 SME 51-250 University

Deadline: 14/08/2019

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en enero 21, 2019