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Rights, equality and citizenship. Bulgary.

Title: Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF)- United against Gender-based Violence.

Description of the project: The current project concept focuses on good practices that employ a victim-centered approach and mirror societal dynamics by involving a wide variety of actors. The project is focused on the provision of multidisciplinary support programmes to victims of intimate and domestic violence, the improvement of the institutional support and response to such cases, the establishment of a process for mutual learning and exchange of successful models for prevention and combating GBV at international level and further implementing those models locally.

Partner sought: The organization is looking for 4 more partners, organizations to gather a consortium of partners to apply under the Joint Justice and Daphne Program of the EC - Actions grants to support national or transnational projects to enhance the rights of victims of crime/victims of violence.


Deadline: 25-02-2016



Contact person: Rada Elenkova

E-mail: rada@genderalternatives.org

Phone: +359894337948

Publicado por europa en febrero 22, 2016