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Social affairs. Spain.


Description of the project: The Diversity Service,Public Education Institution attached to the General Direction of Education Quality, Innovation and Diversity of the Department for Education, Culture and Universities from the Regional Government of Murcia, Spain is looking for partners. They work for the rights of minors, equal opportunities, social and educational inclusion.

- Disability.

- Ethnic minorities.

- Minors under reform and protection legal proceeding.

- Sick student.

- Interrupted schooling, absenteeism and risk of early school drop out.

- Educational orientation.

- Cooperation among State, Regional and Local Administrations.

- Liaison with social agents: NGO’s, associations.

- Teacher Training.

This institution has European experience as a Led Partner in the Project called Initiative EQUAL

The working team is formed by education professionals, teachers, social workers, psychologists.

- Production of observation indicators.

- Guidances, tools and resources.

- Teacher Training.

Partner sought: They are looking for european partners interested in joining diverse project proposals under the following EU programmes: Justice, REC,  ERASMUS+, HORIZON 2020 and others.

 - Topic: minors schooling between 6 and 16 years old.

- Target: developing programmes, guidance and measures in order to boost a better schooling for these collectives.

- Teacher Training.


Elena Ladrón de Guevara Mellado


Publicado por europa en julio 3, 2015