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Social. Bulgaria.


Title: "European partnership for better life"


Description of the project/Partner sought: The project idea "European partnership for better life" envisages the implementation of a social innovation and best practices on the basis of a partnership established on European level. The social innovation implementation on local level would be of a significant importance for the elderly people and of the people with disabilities residents of the envisaged elderly house where as a result the possibilities for re-socialization through innovative social practices based on the dynamic care model - art therapy, work therapy, daily labour, physical activity improvement using the change of the environment is expected to be increased. By the exchange of the european practice and experience the administrative capacity of the elderly house personnel is expected to be improved. The dynamic care model corresponds with the vision of the elderly house staff the residents to actively grow old and in good health. Specialized equipment and furnishing necessary for the accomplishment of the main project activities is envisaged to be installed. It would be selected based on the nature of the social services provided and directly connected with the innovative practice which would be social innovation which is the subject of the project proposal would be implemented in compliance with the core values of the EU having in mind also the fight against discrimination on different grounds including age and disabilities.



Bulgarian Sport Fishing Federation


Publicado por europa en mayo 31, 2017