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Presentation of the association: We are San Rafael Sports Club for the Disabled from Barcelona and we are glad to contact you to inform about a project we are developing to be turned in to the European Union.

Objectives: to organise a Power Wheelchair Hockey Tournament which is going to be carried out with the participation of 12 EU countries.

Partners searched: Participants can be countries that have already implanted this sport or those who have not and are actually interested in knowing the experience, thus being the ideal framework.

The invitation covers travel, accommodation and maintenance. It is addressed to sportsmen or women with their personal assistants, if needed, and two technical staff or managers from your organisation or the combination of one of each.

Deadline: In case the project is approved, the project is going to be carried out at the end of June - beginning of July 2015.

Contact:If you are interested, we need to be provided with the following data:

Name of the Organisation:
Responsible Person:
Sports practised:
Postal address:
Sportsperson and/or technical staff (max. 2) Age: Gender:
Personal assistants (max. 2) Age: Gender:
Airport of departure:
Brief summary of your Organisation:

For further information:
Maria Sáez
Project Coordinator
Club Deportivo discapacitados San Rafael
(San Rafael Sports Club for the Disabled)
Isabel Coll
Associació WinOrg
Tlf.: +34 972647779 / +34 656667837
Web: http://winorg.wix.com/winorg
Skype: isa.skycs
Facebook - Twitter

Publicado por europa en junio 6, 2014