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Tourism. Lithuania

Description of the project: Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association is interested in educational projects for rural residents, promotion of entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising knowledge training, IT solutions for the rural tourism sector. They have more than 400 members engaged in rural tourism activities. The organization promotes rural tourism, conducts research on rural tourism businesses, conducts training for small businesses in rural areas, and promotes entrepreneurship among rural residents and youth. 

Partner sougth: They are looking for partners who would like to organize such projects together. They are also looking for research institutions in whose projects they could participate as research partners, as they have an active relationship with rural businesses and can help collect data or conduct pilot studies. They would like to collaborate in K2 or other programs. 

Contact: info@atostogoskaime.lt

Deadline: 18/12/2021

Publicado por europa en febrero 24, 2021