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Town Twinning. Turkey

Title: Town Twinning Action between Turkey and the European Union.

Description of the project: We are planning to carry out a town twin project as Pamukova governorate in Sakarya. Target group is children between 10-15 ages, especially included children of fragmented family and orphans. As collaborators, we will work with district national education directorate, public education center and Pamukova Orphanage Association. (POYDER).

Objectives: Especially, it is aimed to regain these children and interact with each other in an artistic environment providing set up a wooden toy workshop. They will design toys representing their own culture at these workshops. There will be a workmaster in the process teaching all steps for making wooden toys. In order to motivate children in this process, we plan some sightseeing activities before and after the construction phase of the toys. One of them is  Istanbul Toy Museum founded by poet/author Sunay Akın on 23 April 2005. The museum which houses the most favorite examples of toy history, spanning from 1700’s to today is located in a historical mansion. Second is Wonderland Ankara (Turkish: Harikalar Diyarı) is an amusement park in Ankara, Turkey. It is located in the Fatih neighborhood of Ankara's Sincan district, and is one of the largest parks in Europe covering an area of 130 ha (320 acres).

During the project, it is planned to visit the workshops established in two cities in order to observe the process.  At the end of the project, , toys representing countries' own cultures will be presented to the collaborative country.  By the way, this interaction will provide business and friendship between the two countries.

Deadline: 21.03.18


Merve Yildiz





Publicado por europa en marzo 19, 2018