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Transport. Poland.

Transport. Poland.

Title: “Innovative solutions to support design evaluation and implementation of an advanced, innovative urban transportation system”

Description of the Project / Partner sought: This project will develop a people oriented and innovative transportation framework (incl. ICT-based Decision Support System (DSS)) which will support decision makers in addressing common sustainable urban mobility problems in different neighbourhoods of metropolitan areas. It will focus on reduction of noise and greenhouse emission, facilitation of access to public transport and alternatively fuelled vehicles, improvement of access to mobility. Due to the complexity of the issue the framework will be built taking into consideration many aspects such as: cultural, demographic, social, economic, and legal. The proposed transportation framework will be developed and tested at neighbourhood and urban-district levels in at least five carefully selected European cities. The cities, or to be more precise – their neighbourhoods or districts, will be chosen so that their specifications reflect typical transport features of European cities ensuring at the same time that their characteristics cover possibly wide and comprehensive range of issues which play a role in the transport system. The new transportation framework together with DSS will allow decision makers to analyse the following concepts in existing transport systems:

- Implementation of 100% electric, autonomous (driverless), low noise, and greenhouse emission free vehicles;

- Flexible public transportation solutions on demand (with the application of autonomous vehicles);

- Car pooling and car sharing;

- Integration of different transportation modes (multimodal integrating terminals, park and ride systems, shared transportation means, integrated passenger information system cooperating with the electronic planner of passengers’ travels);

- Door to door transportation;

- Needs of particular groups of interests (disabled people – autonomous vehicles transferring passengers to clinics, doctors, hospitals; children – autonomous vehicles used as school buses; students – autonomous vehicles used as feeders delivering passengers to public transportation; affluent people using autonomous vehicles on special occasions – after party home trips, business lunches).


Partners sought:

- European cities (their neighbourhoods or districts which, from the perspective of the topic of the proposal, all together would form a possibly comprehensive and representative sample of urbanised areas) which would provide data necessary to execute traffic simulations within their areas. Simulations carried out in the project are to be based on VISUM/VISSIM simulator.


ITTI Sp. z o.o.



Publicado por europa en abril 27, 2016