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Transport. Romania.

Transport. Romania.

Title: “Low cost advanced electric vehicle with integrated propulsion system”

Description of the Project / Partner sought: Call identifier: GV-04-2017 Next generation electric drivetrains for fully electric vehicles, focusing on high efficiency and low cost.

Integrated propulsion system (IPS) refers to an advanced powertrain architecture for electric vehicles having two, three or four wheels, in order to reduce the vehicle production costs by integrating the power unit with the wheels. This approach facilitates the development of electric vehicles with reduced complexity, increased modularity, efficiency and availability on the market.

IPS can offer a number of benefits as:

- The best traction efficiency due to the small number of moving elements;

- Low cost due to reduced number of component parts;

- Improved vehicle durability and low number of maintenance operations;

- Can be mounted as a single part on the vehicle, lowering the manufacturing cost;

- The increased degree of integration and standardization reduces the cost of the vehicle;

- The IPS architecture and control influence positively the active and passive safety of the vehicle, eliminating some elements which are usually mounted on any other vehicle.


Required skills and expertise of partner(s): Expertises in Automotive, Hybrid design, Prototyping, Vehicle testing, Vehicle assembly, Vehicle testing, Powertrain manufacturing

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:

Phase 1 - Initial Concept Evaluation and Feasibility Assessment

Phase 2 - Detail Design, Simulation & Analysis

Phase 3 - Procurement, Build & Testing Timing

Phase 4 - Marketing Study for Further Development

Phase 5 - Dissemination of the Project Results

Type of partner(s) sought: R&D centre automotive; Powertrain or Vehicle manufacturer; Transmission manufacturer, Electric motor manufacturer, University; Government or local agency.


Powertrain Technologies





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