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URBACT. Estonia

Title: Circular economy innovation in waste management and development of new services and products

Description of the Project:

Tartu City Government is interested in addressing sustainable urban development issues by implementing new circular economy principles in city waste management and fostering innovation of services and products based on circular economy business models. They want to focus on getting more citizens and SMEs involved in circular economy techniques such as reusing, repairing, recycling, upcycling, creating value from waste and explore the connected business models. To support this city-wide movement towards greater sustainability, they look for ways how to engage universities, students and startups to study the possibilities created by circular economies and develop new services and products around these possibilities. The main directions of interest:

1. capacity building in the institutions of the municipality to support informed public policies and well-designed initiatives in the field of circular economy;

2. capacity building among students and entrepreneurs to develop new circular economy related services, products and co-operation frameworks;

3. capacity building among citizens to foster circular economy awareness, sharing and contribution.

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Deadline: 17/04/2019


Marek Treufeldt

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Publicado por europa en febrero 26, 2019