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URBACT III. Bulgaria.


Title of the project: "E-municipality"

Description of the project: Aksakovo is near to Varna city, which is a good prerequisite for the use of its territory as a logistical base for many companies. The municipality should create a suitable business environment by providing easily accessible services. The area of municipality is large and the villages are far from the municipal center, which makes it difficult administrative services to the peoples. Introduction of administrative services electronically will improve administrative services to the citizens and will save costs for the transport and time for them. Municipality of Aksakovo introduced “one-stop” shop and could provide expertise in this area. The introduction of municipal e-services is a complex process that requires a plan in advance taking into account best practices and experiences of other organizations in this area.

Partner sought: Municipality of Aksakovo looking for partners with an interest in the introduction of electronic municipal administrative services, construction of complex administrative services at the local level. We would like to exchange experience and together develop a plan for implementation of the policy for e-governance at the local level. Municipality of Aksakovo have not enough experience and could not be a Lead partner.


Neli Mihaylova


Publicado por europa en mayo 4, 2015