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URBACT III. Croatia.


Title of the project: "Revitalization of urban brownfields"

Description of the project: Within the urban City area of Pazin there is a brownfield territory (former military facility). Most of the buildings are renovated and in use by civil society organizations and educational institutions. Open spaces (playgrounds, green areas, small squares and roads in the complex) are still devastated and citizens cannot use them for their activities. We are interested in (re)defining of public spaces and engagement of the local community in “place-making” procedure. We would like to conduct a research to establish the revitalization models for urban brownfields in order to put them in the function of sustainable growth of the cities.

Partner sought: Cities from Less developed or More developed regions in Europe that have previous experience and knowledge to exchange, or are willing to learn together of the (sub)urban renewal and resource efficiency.


Anton Finderle


Publicado por europa en mayo 4, 2015