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URBACT III. Croatia.


Title of the project: "Green areas, parks and playgrounds development"

Description of the project: Green areas, parks and playgrounds are important public locations in every city. Careful spatial and urban planning of the design and decoration of these public spaces according to citizens' needs increases the quality of life of the local inhabitants, by offering them tailor made leisure and recreation environment. On the other hand, well-planed green architecture also increases the attractivenes of the town as a tourism destination, especially when interconnected with culture heritage monuments and local attractions. The project is aiming at preparation of green areas, parks and playgrounds sustainable integrated development approach, based on exhange of knowlede and experience between cities across Europe.

Partner sought: The town of Križevci (Croatia) is looking for both Lead Partner and Project Partners, preferably local self-goverments, i.e. town administrations with experience in relation to the identified policy issue, from Less Developed and More Developed regions.


Marija Podolski



Publicado por europa en junio 10, 2015