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URBACT III. Ireland.


Title of the project: "Children in the City: Improving Health, Well-being & Life Chances"

Description of the project: The main policy issue to be addressed in the context of social inclusion is the enhancement of quality of life for children in the city. Our focus on children is set against the backdrop of increasing rates of child poverty during recent years. The number of children living in consistent poverty – meaning they are living both at risk of poverty and experiencing deprivation – doubled from 6 per cent to just under 12 per cent between 2008 and 2013 (CSO, 2015). We seek to identify innovative ways of tacking child poverty and enhancing social inclusion for children growing up in deprived urban neighbourhoods. Our focus is on children as we believe that early intervention can make a big difference to outcomes in terms of life chances, health and well being.

Partner sought: We are looking for municipal and/or civil society sector partners with a specific remit to improve the quality of life and well being of children growing up in Europe's urban centres.


Prof. Mary Corcoran



Publicado por europa en junio 5, 2015