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URBACT III. Netherlands.


Title of the project: "Energy Neutrality Action Plan"

Description of the project: The municipality of Nieuwegein (Netherlands) is developing an URBACT project on the field of environmental protection and resource efficiency. The main points of this project are:

• ENERGY NEUTRALITY OF EXISTING HOUSING STOCK: Technically improve houses in one go so residents no longer have an energy bill.

• GREENING OF THE CITY WARMTH DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: Together with the city of Utrecht (our big neighbouring city), Nieuwegein has a network which distributes warmth from fossil fuels. We are seeking ways to generate warmth from greener sources and by doing so making tremendous steps in greening the energy needs of houses.

• STIMULATING ELECTRIC TRANSPORT (freight and individual transport): Challenge independent operators to roll out an infrastructure network for charging electric cars, eScooters and eBikes.

• SHORE ELECTRICITY: Offer shore side-electricity to all ships, both cargo and recreational, calling at Nieuwegein for longer and shorter periods of time.

• SOLAR PANELS ON ROOFTOPS: Solar panels on apartment building-rooftops in the housing districts, so people living surrounded areas benefit from green electricity; Greening rooftops of (apartment) buildings and utility buildings in industrial areas; Solar-panels on all buildings owned by the municipality.

• SPATIAL PLANNING AND ENERGY: Design the public space in such a way that it contributes to energy reduction and increases non-fossil energy generation; High intensity urban development (with houses, businesses) around existing tram stops to stimulate use of public transport.

• STIMULATING BICYCLE USE: Solutions for parking special larger bicycles, eBikes, transport bikes.

Partner sought: Seeking partners to establish an action planning network. Based upon the requirements we are seeking 5partners from the region of West- & North Europe and 5 partners from Eastern and Southern Europe. A maximum of 3 partners may be non-cities. Ideally the partners are also New Towns.


Marije Boerhof


Publicado por europa en junio 2, 2015