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Project title: "Cooperation and partnership for culture development"

Project description: The main policy issue to be addressed is culture development in the European Cities. Cooperation is with partners aims to exchange experiences, ideas and best practice in the management of urban cultural policies, implementation of cultural development strategies and the creation of strategic documents in the field of culture. For proper implementation of the project a number of conferences, workshops and study visits will be carried out in all cities involved in the project. European cities are faced with many difficulties during implementation of cultural policies ( for example: low efficiency of public administration in the field of cultural policy implementation, lack of experience in the implementation of strategic documents in the field of culture, lack of knowledge on how to solve the problems encountered by other urban centers , which leads to duplication of wrong actions). The project will create a network of twinning in the field of cultural policy which allows for the exchange of experiences and best practices. Thanks to the project implementation the base of knowledge will be created. Supporting and collaboration of European Cities and experts will allow to avoid laborious ways of carrying out the tasks in the field of culture and will increase the ability to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the partners. Implementation of the project should be divided on the3-month stages. We planned that the project should be completed period of 30 months (two 3-month periods from the development phase, after which it should be eight 3-month stages of implementation).

Partner sought: Municipalities, NGOs, associations, cultural institutions, R&D sector.


Municipality of Rzeszow - Rzeszow City Office

Barbara Onoszko


Publicado por europa en abril 15, 2015