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Name of the project: SMALL CITIES BIG IDEAS.

Proposal: Action Planning Networks.

Lead Partner: Mazarron Municipality http://www.mazarron.es/ 

Aims, Objetives and expected results: 

Mazarrón is a city located in the South East of Spain(about 35.000 inhabitants). Mazarrón is set in a wide bay that opens up into the Mediterranean and has a coastline of 35 km. It has two important urban centres: the port and the town capital, five kilometres from the coast.  Mazarrón offers beautiful places which stand along the 35 km of its coastline and enjoy the protection of its 300 days of sunshine per year and average temperature of 20ºC. Opposite the Beach there is one of the most spectacular landscapes of the region, where, on white sandstone, the erosion of the wind and the water has sculpted beautiful shapes (more information: http://www.visitamazarron.com/en/

Project’s mission is to enable cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to develop local policies enhancing the competitiveness of local tourism SMEs and promoting tourism employment, by networking, learning from one another’s experiences, drawing lessons and identifying good practices to improve urban policies.

It is an opportunity to work with other cities around a specific policy challenge/ problem, to design innovative solutions in the format of integrated in a Local action plans and to implement an integrated urban strategy.

We are looking for cities which want to work together and improve its capacity in order to develop local action plans and policies based on the follow objectives:

  • To promote new tourism startups.
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the current local tourism SMEs.
  • To promote and attract tourism investment in the city.
  • To enhance the employability of unemployed people and to improve their level of key competences and skills in order to find a job in a local tourism enterprise.
  • To promote the city in order to increase the number of new visitors in the city.

Phase 1: September 2015 – 6 months

Phase 2: March 2016 – 24 months

Deadline: 15/05/2015

Partner sought: small and medium cities (public entities) between 20,000 and 150,000 inhabitants from: Portugal, Italia, Francia, Bélgica, Holanda, Dinamarca, Suecia, Croacia, Alemania, Austria, Polonia, Rumanía, Letonia o Estonia. 




Publicado por europa en abril 13, 2015