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URBACT III. United Kingdom.


Title of the project: Freight TAILS: Tailored Approaches Implementing Lasting Solutions

Description of the project:

Significant activity has gone into encouraging sustainable transport opportunities (walking, cycling, public transport) alongside measures to restrain private car use. However, freight and logistics have been generally only been dealt with in a fragmented way even though they are a significant component of overall traffic movements. This project will establish whether different approaches to the on-going problem of delivery and servicing activity in urban areas, are required for different areas within cities, to achieve on-going real improvements in greenhouse gas emissions and therefore air quality and traffic management. Action plans will be established to develop sustainable urban logistics approaches (micro/consolidation, SME co-ordination, retiming deliveries, efficient road space allocation), in specific urban areas (areas of high multi-tenanted office blocks, high street retail areas, areas dominated by single user (university campus or public sector administration), historic central areas). Business cases for different approaches, data on green house gas emissions and traffic improvements, and recommendations for implementation will be key elements of the Action Plans.

Partner sought:  Any city that has an interest in this topic, in particular cities from less developed regions experiencing issues in relation to delivery and servicing activities.


Charlotte Knell


Publicado por europa en abril 15, 2015