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URBACT. IIntegrated Urban Strategies. Germany.

Programme: URBACT. Call for proposals for the Creation of up to 15 implementation networks.  

Project Title: Implementation of Integrated Urban Strategies with Focus on Climate and Energy.

Description of the Project:

Regensburg, fourth largest city in Bavaria with a population of 150,000 and capital of the region Upper Palatinate, is a growing city and the economic hub of the region. In collaboration with selected surrounding communities the City ofRegensburgdeveloped the integrated intercommunal development plan entitled “Regensburg Innovative Energy Region”.

Overall concept of this integrated urban strategy is to promote the energy transition in the area ofRegensburgand thereby supporting urban development in the region. Aside from projects targeting renewable energy and energy efficiency the framework includes actions of related fields, i.e. climate adaption, inner urban development, recreation areas, and cultural facilities.

In this context the City ofRegensburgintends to set up and lead an URBACT implementation network dealing with the implementation of integrated urban strategies and actions plans focussing on climate and energy (i.e. implementation of sustainable energy action/ climate adaptation plan under Article 7 ERDF Operational Programmes).

The main issues to be discussed in the network will be: Fostering the integrated approach, creating value through stakeholder engagement, efficient structures for successful implementation, evaluation, and updating.

Beyond exchange on city level the network aims to foster exchange with and among the managing authorities on their various strategies to facilitate Article 7 procedures (ITI, urban axis, dedicated programmes).

Partner sought:

We are looking for partner cities which (start to) implement integrated urban strategies or action plans addressing climate and energy topics. We in particular are interested in partners with integrated urban strategies under Article 7 ERDF regulations.


City of Regensburg

Richard Mühlmann







Publicado por europa en mayo 3, 2016