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Title: Development and improvement of the urban planning in a more sustainable way focused on the transport system.

Description of the Project:

The Unione della Romagna Faentina (URF) aims to a steady improvement of its offered services in order to make them more usable, smart and simple, by taking into consideration the territorial diversification. As a local government, the Union aims at improving quality of life of local communities by supporting local sustainable development. The Unione della Romagna Faentina with all its Municipalities, has participated and promoted a series of experiences able to boost the mobility's theme :

- Approval of the Guidelines for the Sustainable Mobility in the Urban Plan 2017-2030 (PUMS) as defined by the European, national and regional guidelines in order to define and update their tools regarding strategical planning in the mobility sector. The plan aims to obtain in the long time an improvement of mobility's condition and road safety, the decreasing of acoustic and atmospheric pollutions and energy efficiency.

- Adhesion in 2013 to the Covenant of Mayors promoted by the European Union against the climate change.

- Participation in a project financed by the Environment Ministry about mobility by foot and bike between home and schools, the main target were students from primary and secondary schools. Another project aims to activate participative processes with the purpose to support, favour and promote an eco-friendly mobility able to centralize the citizens' needs.

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Deadline: 17/04/2019


Federica Sauzzi

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Publicado por europa en marzo 6, 2019