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Title: Interactive learning lab enhancing civic and institutional empowerment for policy making and social problem solving

Description of the Project:

The policy of the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio is to co-design and experiment the modality of the poli.LAB, a Policy Community Lab, where policymakers, citizens, entrepreneurs, academics and researchers can interact for developing practices of sustainable and integrated urban policies. The Region of Tuscany represents a paradigmatic case of innovation in legislation and public policies experimenting interactive and community-based approaches to the governance of the commons. The adoption of collaborative and participatory practices in local and regional policy making was carried out in parallel with the enhancement of civic forms of activism for social problem solving. The driving principle is, in fact, the empowerment of local communities and people capabilities to plan for their future according to a vision of sustainable development and the rebirth of ties of mutual trusts between citizens, public institutions, experts, third sector and private stakeholders. Within this framework the municipality of Campi Bisenzio stands out as a virtuous case as its territory concentrates an important stratification of civic innovation and administrative investments for sustainable and participatory urban development, supported by a strong political commitment of elected representatives and dense social capital.

Other partners already engaged:
- 2 non-city partners (Tuscany Region and Iuav University of Venice)
- Vejle city in Denmark (more developed region)

Partner Sought:

6 project’s partners (at least 4/5 Less developed countries-small/medium sized cities; 1/2 More developed countries)

Deadline: 17/04/2019


SERENA Barilaro

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Publicado por europa en abril 1, 2019