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URBACT. Poland

Title: Education throughout life as an element of intergenerational cooperation and building social respect towards the elderly.

Description of the Project:

Intergenerational cooperation is one of the most effective methods of activating older people. Meetings of seniors and children are a platform for the exchange of various experiences and skills. Seniors share their knowledge and experience in areas with which children have limited contact on a daily basis. Young people, on the other hand, show things that older people have little idea of and prove that they can teach them. The project aims to teach mutual good intergenerational cooperation.

The TOYLAB Project of the Association Agglomeration Kalisz-Ostrów focuses on intergenerational activities that are based on 4 thematic pillars that directly pose challenges for both the youngest generations and seniors. We believe that the cooperation of these two environments will affect many aspects of perceiving the problems of the modern world together with the perspective of younger and older people living in medium and small towns.
4 thematic pillars:
- Culture,
- Environmental Protection,
- Society,
- Health.

Partner Sought:

Cities, municipalities, regions, universities, schools etc. all over Europe.

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Deadline: 17/04/2019

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Publicado por europa en marzo 6, 2019