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URBACT. Slovakia

Title: Exchanging knowledge on how to use various data sources such as statistical, policy-related and operational for better decision and policy making.

Description of the Project:

The City of Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is the administrative, financial, business, education and research centre in Slovakia. With the rise of available data streams the focus in the last years was mainly on (real-time) IoT data, and the technical ramifications to make these data usable in the operational processes. With this project we aim to exchange knowledge on how to use these data amongst other data sources such as statistical, policy-related and operational, in a comprehensive framework to make the data useful in the different aspect of local government's decision-making, in management, policy and participation settings.

Partner Sought: Lead partner and other partners.

Deadline: 17/04/2019


Petra Dzurovcinova

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Publicado por europa en abril 9, 2019