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Volunteering. France

Title: Mobilité, Ouverture & Volontariat Européen (MOVE) For young people with less opportunities

Description of the Project: Maison de l’Europe de Tours (France) is an European volunteering sending organization. They intend to send 14 participants: 10 french and 4 spanish, to activity fields such as Culture, Sport, or Environment, although they are open to other activities. French volunteers come from disadvantaged areas of Tours.

The project intends to enhance emancipation and employability, foreign language learning and discovery of other cultures.

Partner Sought: They are searching an organisation to host a group volunteering for a month (preferably in july) in summer of 2019, in the frame of European Solidarity Corps.

Deadline: 12/2018

Contact: mobilité.mdetours@gmail.com

Publicado por europa en diciembre 10, 2018