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Volunteering. France

Title: Bourges – Stand up for natural heritage in the city

Description of the Project:

 Stand-up for the marsh « Marais de l’Yèvre et de la Voiselle » in the city of Bourges! A marsh is a stretch of water that is not very deep and that is partially covered by vegetation (grass etc.). The marsh where you will be working at is of great symbolic value to the city as it is one of the last marshes in France. These days it is used for private gardening on 135 ha in the city center.

To preserve this heritage registered as a “Natural Monument and Site”, the city of Bourges would like to develop and enhance this site for locals and tourists.

The volunteers will contribute to this project in collaboration with local organisations.

Their assignment will include clearing the marshes from vegetation and cleaning the south-western part of the marsh. They will help to develop the peninsula at the entrance of the marsh and to create a new pathway from there to the “Moulin de la Voiselle”. They will also build wooden birdhouses.

The project will take place from the 5th till the 19th of july.

The hosting organisation covers all the transport, food and rent expenses, although the volunteers will have to cover the cost of the trip to France.

Partner Sought: European Volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years old.

Deadline: There is not a deadline.

Contact: www.concordia.fr


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Publicado por europa en junio 10, 2019