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Volunteering. Greece

Títle: ESC Youthwork, Sport, Technology - Change Makers

Description of the Project:

Sailing, hosting a radio show and organising cultural, social and media related events for young people on a Greek Island  for six months.

Throughout your voluntary service, you will be guided by your mentor and coordinator. Your coordinator will discuss your tasks and ideas with you, provide you with assistance in developing those and discuss your learning development on a weekly basis. Your mentor will help you integrate in the local community, help you figure out life on a Greek island and discuss your learning process and development with you. To enable you to fully participate in the life on Chios, you will be enrolled in a Greek language course through the OLS portal, where you can improve your language skills.

Your hosting organisation will pay for and organise your accommodation in a shared flat with other volunteers. You will have your own room and share the kitchen, bathroom and common areas with other volunteers. You will receive a pocket money of 5€ per day. Each week, you provide a shopping list of food to the hosting organisation and they will buy it for you. You will receive health insurance for the duration of the project.

Partner sought:

Young people between 18 and 30 years old on the first day of the voluntary service, a resident of GERMANY, you have at least basic competencies in English (understanding, speaking, writing), you are motivated to engage in the tasks listed above and committed to contribute with your experience, skills and sense of initiative, you are curious to try new things, including life on a rather quiet island in a foreign country.

Deadline: 01/12/2019


Große Fischer Str.2, 28195, Bremen, Germany

www.naturkultur.eu - +15202911880

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