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Title: INCLUDING YOU(TH)-Small steps for a big change

Description of the Project: The mobility will last 9 months, from March 2019 to December 2019 and will take place in Palermo. It will involve 3 young volunteers aged between 18-30 years old.

The general objective of this project is to foster social inclusion processes in the area concerned, encouraging young people to become active citizens and agents of solidarity and positive change in Europe, through their commitment in volunteering activities at local level.

In particular, it aims to:

- enhance knowledge and skills of young volunteers about early childhood education, immigration and social inclusion;

- contrast educational poverty among children aged 0-6, Italian and immigrants, especially among those living in social, cultural and economic situations at risk of exclusion;

- fight prejudices, stereotypes, racism and any other behavior that cause social exclusion and


The volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved and adjust, according to their own ideas and experience in the following activities:

- support the educational activities of the intercultural kindergarten “Il Giardino di Madre Teresa” (e.g.: free play and/or artistic-creative, manipulative, recycling, drawing-painting activities; reading fairy tales or story tales, etc.);

- help with the distribution of food and commodities to the needy families of the neighborhood;

- plan educative and creative workshops for the disadvantaged children of the kindergarten,

according to their aptitudes;

Moreover the volunteers will be involved in the preparation and implementation of different cross activities: fundraising activities and events for the kindergarten; promotional and informative events about Kala Onlus’ activities, volunteers recruitment campaigns, city events to raise awareness about nondiscriminatory, social inclusion, integration, equal opportunities, youth participation and active citizenship topics; catchy web content (e.g. articles, “story-telling” videos) to share their volunteering experience and updating the blog of Kala Onlus’ website; participative project design activities, as well as visibility and dissemination ones.

Partner Sought: Three partners from Spain, Greece and France. Profile of the volunteers:

aged between 18 to 30 years old;

willing to collaborate, communicate, take a challenge and get to know the local context and

its problems;

interest in early childhood education, migrants, social inclusion topics and in working in socioeconomic

disadvantaged contexts;

The volunteers will preferably be:

open-minded, creative and able to adapt in difficult contexts;

able to call themselves into question and reconsider their ideas about education and learning;

able to act autonomously;

responsible and team player.

Deadline: 14/04/2019


Katia Sedran

E-mail: katia.sedran@kalaonlus.org

Associazione Kala Onlus 

Via Saladino n° 3/5 

90134 Palermo

Tel: +39 334 8656346

Website: www.kalaonlus.org

FB: Il Giardino di Madre Teresa - Kala Onlus

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