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Volunteering. Poland

Title: Creative Village

Description of the Project: Gmina Dąbrowa is going to host two creative volunteers. There are two main areas of volunteers' service. First area is a work with children and students (6-15 years old) in two primary schools and the kindergarten. Volunteers organize after-school activities. The activities should be related to the volunteers interests. Another area is more flexible and it is implementation of own initiatives. They will give a space for volunteer's ideas and provide necessary support. These ideas also should be based on the volunteer's interests.

Volunteers will be living in a flat in village of Dabrowa. There are two separate bedrooms, common living room, equiped kitchen and small bathroom. Food allowance will be provided and volunteers will prepare meals themselves. There are two bicycles in the flat. Keep in mind the project is organized in small village - this is rural area with no shoping malls and no night life. The nearest town is Mogilno with some supermarkets and train station. It takes one hour to get to the cities (Bydgoszcz, Poznań) by train.

Polish language lessons with tutor will be offered.

Partner Sought: They are looking for volunteers from Italy or Spain. They are searching for creative volunteers with own ideas. Musicians, artists, photographers or people with any passion, that they want to share with others, especially with kids and teenagers.

Deadline: 01/09/2019

Contact: Gmina Dąbrowa

Kasztanowa 16, 88-306, Dąbrowa, Poland


Phone: +48523133215

Publicado por europa en julio 26, 2019