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Volunteering. Turkey

Title: Future of Youth is Software

Description of the Project:

With The Future of The Youth on Programming Project, the mission is to employ disabled and disadvantaged groups.
By the project, they will support and train to gain qualified and skilled people on the sector. These people will be choosen from disabled people, woman, and disadvantaged people who are lack of good education and standard facilities.
They want to help to decrease unemployment and to open new paths on Programming Technologies as there is a growing need to this area with different applications.
The Future of The Youth on Programming Project also supports programmes that offer alternative educational pathways for disadvantaged and excluded young people. In addition to this, they aim to increase the number of the woman emplyoees to take part in this field.
Having good background and the right experience, they will make them ready to the related vacancies in the future. The Project delivers winning business outcomes, helping youth create successful and adaptive businesses with excellent communication. In addition to this, they will gain the most important morality behaviour by working with a diversity group and understand their potential.

All the members are volunteers too and help in the projects depending on their background- taking documentary, preparing teaching materials, working on different application of programming area, writing project proposals, managing meetings, and etc.
They welcome any partner from the similar background to work on EU standards on this Project.
Dedicated to expanding the horizon of youth empowerment, diversity and equality utilising non-formal education by means of voluntary services as a tool to global change. 

Partner Sought: They are looking for 8 more partners from Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom

Deadline: 31/05/2019

Contact: Serdar OZADA

E-mail: zonguldakkozlugm@gsb.gov.tr

Phone: +905426296625

Publicado por europa en abril 25, 2019