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Youth. Italy.



Title of the project: "Be senseAble"

Description of the project: Kineo is an association located in Trieste (Italy). They want to make partnerships with the innovative method of audio-visual research from Kineo association that allow to develop an audio-video universal language. “To use the camera as a pen” is an idea that takes shape through 30 years of research by Kineo Association.  This idea triggered the development of a new laboratory based on audio-visual multisensorial language called VAM, in English Multisensorial Video Literacy.

The VAM workshops (open to everyone) are based on performances and activities that exploit disability as a creative resource: the deprivation of a sensorial organ, like in blind or deaf people for example, is the bearer of wealth within the laboratory.

The purpose of the workshop is to acquire the ability to listen to the world, breaking the cultural barriers that stun perception.

Moreover, the VAM method would provide an appropriate cultural background of video literacy, in order to increase the possibilities to use properly the audio-visual media.

The improvement and strengthening of personal audio-visual language skills will increase the own creativity together with the ability to analyse more effectively the work of others. Basically, this means that learning to read and write is a useful thing.


-share the own method and good practices
-increase audio/video skills
-study the multisensorial language 
-increase the own creativity of participants
-explore and encourage the usage of the experiental learning for inclusion
-discover underscovered skills

Partner sought: 3 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, better if they are already experienced in international partnership.

Deadline: 03/08/2015


Alice Bertocchi

E-mail: a.bertocchi12@gmail.com

Phone: 00393312811861

Publicado por europa en junio 1, 2015