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Youth. Turkey.


Title of the project: "Power Forward. Empowering Youth Workers & Strengthening NGO Structures."

Description of the project: The Organization Eskişehir Gelişim Derneği (EGD) / Eskişehir Development Association (ESDEAS) call for participants for the training course “Power Forward”, which is to take place in Eskisehir, Turkey. This training course is redesigned to address subjects such as organizational culture, personal awareness, managing your personal resources, teams & leaders, training, development & assessment, creating competency based organizational structure, organization management & development, systems management, change management, logical framework in operations, decision making and policy development, communication & information, knowledge & learning, strategic planning, financial management, tailored resource management, knowledge transfer, lifelong learning and sustainability in youth NGOs.

Project Aim: 
To discuss, strengthen & develop “the model” for a sustainable youth NGO by focusing on topics such as organizational structure, change management, communication & tailored resource management.

Parter sought: Age: 20+ Target Group: Youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, project leaders, ngo board members. One year experience in a organization is requared for at least one perticipant per partner organization.

Deadline: 28/09/2015


Contact person: EGD Projects Team

E-mail: partnership@eskisehirgelisim.org

General contact

Phone: +905555892626

Publicado por europa en septiembre 11, 2015